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Sometimes quality such as ours comes with inflated prices that outweigh the benefits. Not solarvacuumtube.com. We buy Quality products direct from manufacturers and import it direct to our warehouse. There are no middlemen in the process. Strong buying power means we can supply top quality products at the best Price.

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These aren't your grandfather's flat plate hot water heaters, these are state of the art solar vacuum tube systems designed to be extremely efficient in all applications.


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1.) The Glass Vacuum Tube
Glass evacuated tubes are the key component of the solar collectors. Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes. The outer tube is made of extremely strong transparent borosilicate glass, that is able to resist impact from hail up to 25mm in diameter. The inner tube is also made of borosilicate glass tube, but coated with a special selective coating which features excellent solar heat absorption and minimal heat reflection properties. The air is withdrawn (evacuated) from the space between the two glass tubes to form a vacuum, which eliminates conductive and convective heat loss.
In order to maintain the vacuum between the two glass layers, a barium getter is used (the same as in television tubes). During manufature this getter is exposed to high temperatures which causes the bottom of the evacuated tube to be coated with a pure layer of barium. This barium layer actively absorbs any CO, CO2, N2, O2, H2O and H2 outgassed from the tube during storage and operation, thus helping to maintaining the vacuum. The barium layer also provides a clear visual indicator of the vacuum status. The silver coloured barium layer will turn white if ever the vacuum is lost. This makes it easy to determine whether or not a tube is operating correctly.

Unlike other types of solar collectors, evacuated tube solar collectors still provide excellent results on cloudy days, This is because the tubes are able to absorb the energy from infrared rays which can pass through clouds. Wind and low temperatures also have less of and effect on the function of evacuated tubes when compared to flat plate solar collectors due to the insulating properties of the vacuum.
Glass evacuated tubes are aligned in parallel, the angle of mounting depends upon the latitude of your location. In a North South orientation the tubes can passively track heat from the sun all day. In an East West orientation they can track the sun all year round. The shape of the tubes provides superior absorption when compared to flat plate collectors for a number of reasons:

  1. As the tube is round, the sun’s rays are always striking the tubes surface at right angles, thus minimizing reflection.
  2. If the collector surface is flat, the amount of solar radiation striking the collector surface is only at it’s maximum at midday when the sun is directly above the collector. In the morning or afternoon the sun’s rays strike the collector’s surface at an angle, and thus the amount of solar radiation that the collector is exposed to is reduced. Evacuated tubes, however, are round, and thus the amount of solar radiation striking the collector is relatively constant from mid morning to mid afternoon. This feature maximizes the total amount of solar radiation the collector is exposed to each day. Furthermore, the sun is always striking the tubes at an angle which is perpendicular to their surface thus reducing reflection.
* Working Principle:
Heat Pipe solar collector consists of a vacuum tube and a copper heat pipe inside. The solar vacuum tube is placed in an inclined mode. The selective coating on the inner tube converts the solar energy into heat and transfer the heat to the heat pipe via the aluminum fin. When heated, the medium liquid in the heat pipe changes into vapor, which rises to the condenser. When passing through the heat exchanger, the heat is absorbed and the temperature is lowered, then the vapor becomes liquid and returns to the base of the heat pipe. This transference of heat is a continuous circulation as long as the collector is heated by the sun. Even though the heat pipe is a vacuum and the boiling point of the medium liquid has been reduced to only 25-30oC, the freezing point is still the same as water at sea level, which is 0oC. As the heat pipe is located within the evacuated tube, brief overnight temperatures as low as -30oCwill not cause the heat pipe to freeze.


*Higher heat efficiency, the temperature at the condenser could be as high as 250oC
*Heat pipe made of red copper and heat is conducted via medium liquid;
*No water flowing inside the vacuum tube, more resistant to low temperature;
*Strong aluminum alloy manifold mould with air-flow design, better wind resistant;
*Withstanding high pressure in operation;
*Module design, easy combination.
The cost involved in repairing a household appliance is increasing all the time, not due so much to spare part costs, but rather the labour cost involved in having a technician visit. With this in mind our solar collector is designed to be maintenance free, but if for some reason a solar tube should ever be damaged, it can be replaced quickly and easily by any person possessing basic trade skills.

Solarvacuumtube.com 5 Header Sizes to choose from  (The Manifold the tubes plug into.)



10 - 15 - 20 - 25 - 30

2.) The Hot Water Tank


  Solarvacuumtube.com sells only food grade (sus 304) stainless steel tanks.  They are then insulated with 50 mm of high density polyurethane foam, and then wraped with a layer of .55 mm layer of galvinized steel and painted bright enamal white.    

3.) The Control System

Solarvacuumtube.com has given you a very simple control system (work station) to work with.  The expansion tank is made by VAREM and is imported from italy.  The circulation pump is made by WILO and is imported from Germany.  Simple straight forward design makes for easy installation.

We at solarvacuumtube.com are looking to deal with Solar Contractors, Architects, Engineers, and the like. If you feel you are in need of multiple units and or components then this is the site for you. For the happy home owner we hope to give you the resources for you to find a contractor/installer that can service your individual needs.

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